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Case Studies

The clients and brands Sound Space3 has worked with represent the full spectrum of enterprise - from some of Australia's largest corporations to highly successful small businesses. Amongst the snap-shot below, some names are well known and others are on the way to being well known. Regardless, we're proud to be involved in fulfilling their soundproofing needs.

  • How do we Reduce Sound Transmission Generated by Noisy Pumps in a Plant Room?

    June 1, 2011

    The obvious solution is to build an acoustic partition around the pumps but in some cases like this one it was not possible, therefore we had to find a compromise.

    We could erect only two partition walls working as a sound barrier, but we lined the sides facing the pumps with a high density acoustic absorber batts (NRC 0.99), laminated with perforated aluminium foil as well as the existing walls and ceiling.

    The combination of sound barriers and acoustic absorbers gave us the noise reduction we wanted to achieve at a minimum cost.

    By covering most surfaces of a plant room (walls, ceiling) with the right density acoustic batts, we can reduce the noise by approximately half (10db)